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Christoph Vieweg

Installation / Nachrichtenzeichnungen

Eröffnung Donnerstag 27.8.2015 / 19:00 Uhr
Geöffnet Freitag – Sonntag 28.8. – 30.8.2015 von 16:00-18:00Uhr / weitere Termine auf Anfrage 03518024600 oder per e-mail



Thankyou for choosing your stay here. 
We kindly invite you to squeeze the lemon.
Please squeeze it all the way.  Do not leave a partially squeezed lemon.  While you are green, please squeeze the lemon. Do not make a fruit salad.  Avoid paper cuts if you can.  Please squeeze the lemon all the way.  Please do not half-ass it.  You are allowed to use a blender.  You are allowed to move to the beat.  Taste that bitter juice, reap the fruits of your labor, and don’t even think it stops there you’re about to be injected with one hundred percent pure vitamin c straight to the bloodstream can you deal with all this immunity.  Of course you can.  Please wait one hour before swimming or doing sports.
Please come stay with us again.
Caroline Beach, Casey Ouzounis, Jona Garcia Romo, Carl Ahner, Juliana Sabino
SAMSTAG / Saturday 29.8.2015  (Hechtfest) 20.00 UHR



Mathieu Tremblin, Emma Cozzani, Manuel Salvat

The Hidden Dimension is originally the title of an essay by anthropologist Edward T. Hall describing a study method called proxemic on relationship between individuals and their surrounding.
With “Hidden Dimension” show, Mathieu Tremblin, Emma Cozzani and Manuel Salvat are creating bridges between their own art practices where they use the same mediums – drawing, text, image, installation, live experience – but with different manners and issues. When Mathieu Tremblin’s work is more oriented on site specific intervention in the city, Emma Cozzani’swork focuses on creating displaysfor experiencing fictionnal space and Manuel Salvat’s work modelises narrative landscapes by mixing samples of found objects and fragments of architecture.
The topic of the exhibition appears to be crossed by two types of relationship evoking various levels of proxemic: first one is about sensitive, conceptual and philosophical conversation, second one is about how works are interacting with experience, projection or representation of architectural, social or mediatic spaces.

Eröffnung Donnerstag 10.9.2015 / 19:00 Uhr
Geöffnet Freitag  11.9.2015 von 16:00-18:00Uhr / weitere Termine auf Anfrage 03518024600 oder per e-mail

Ausstellungsdauer: 10.09.15 – 20.09.15