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13.02.2018 - 23.02.2018

2 min ago seeks to position artistic approaches outside the framework of Art-Institutions in public every day life. International artworks that challenge and reflect on Photography as an artistic medium in the context of digital age, social image and political content were displayed for 10 days on Public Billboards in the urban space of the City of Düsseldorf (Germany) during DÜSSELDORF PHOTO in February 2018. The collaborative Exhibition concept by Lucie Freynhagen and Svenja Wichmann works at the curatorial interception of Art and Life and focuses on conceptual artistic situations.

Julius Brauckmann / Parker Day / Lotte Dohmen / Jordan Seiler / Mathieu Tremblin / Andy Kania / Alexander Endrullat / Kalinka Gieseler / Holger Jenss / Andy Kassier / Siegfried Michael Wagner / Andreas Ullrich / Paul Altmann / Tibor Bielicky / John Ryan Brubaker / Chan Hong Yui Clement / Nana Kogler / Sascha Hundorff / Ludwig Kuffer / Laurent Lacotte / Sergey Poteryaev / Nikolai Szymanski / Francesca Tamse / Judy van Luyk / Nicolas Wefers /  Katharina Drasdo / Fabian Glass / Max Siedentopf / Sebastian Thewes / Theo Triantafyllidis 

From around 350 international submissions from, the Netherlands, Chile, Belgium, USA, England, China, Italy, France, Austria, Argentina, Greece, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Peru and Germany, the JURY from Erik KesselsNew ScenarioPeter Piller and the project initiators Lucie Freynhagen and Svenja Wichmann selected 30 works, which will be presented from 13.2.-23.2.2018 as Billboardposters in public space Düsseldorf in the context of the DUESSELDORF PHOTO 2018


OPENING 16.2.2018 / Performance by Andy Kassier