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05.09. – 07.09.2019 ENDEGRA POP UP SHOW – Photography in Printmaking

ENDEGRA is a network between professional print shops and printmakers that started 2009 and now has nodes in 10 European countries. It came about to meet a need to share advanced knowledge production within the field of printmaking. To clarify the value and the function of our labour and to bring about relevant acting spaces for development and education in printmaking.

This year ENDEGRA take place in Dresden under the topic ”Photography in Printmaking” as a 1 week event for printmaker working with Photography. Special problems around extreme fine greytones, Fotokorn FK, Stochastic Raster FM and how to handle with Computer-to-Plate CtP for hand-prints in Algrafie on Etching-Presses and in Silkscreen, were focused at the international meeting. All that in reference to the historical development of printing technology for Photography. Of course it was as well open for crazy experiments with possibilities of photography within printmaking processes.

20 Printmaker from all over Europe were invited to print tests and small editions with FK-Algrafie with digital plates at Grafikwerkstatt Dresden and Silkscreen-Prints at Wildsmile-Studio, that worked out the hole project in collaboration. The Printers and Artist will show their Works and Workshop Results in a Pop up Show next to some invited works of Dresden Artitsts. The Show presents a wide range of technical production possibilities within hand printing solutions, as well image narrations within photography and offers a deep view into many levels of „Photography in Printmaking“ with works by:

Nina Bondeson / Bolaget Vardagsbilder HB / Schweden, Jim Berggren / Bolaget Vardagsbilder HB / Schweden, Cécile Gissot / Frankreich, Valia Eydis-Rabinovitch / Frankreich, Andreas Seeliger / Dresden, Frank Hoffmann / Dresden, Riemke Bouwman / Holland, Jan-Erik Wedholm / Holland, Kari Holopainen / Saimaa University of Applied Sciences Imatra / Finnland, Kalli Kalde / University of Tartu / Estland, Sietske Bosma / HṑLT Vereniging Der Noordelijke Hoogdrukkers / Holland, Marie Palmgren / Schweden, Carina Fihn / Konstepidemin Göteborg / Schweden, Lucie Freynhagen / Wildsmile Studios / Dresden, Andreas Ullrich / Wildsmile Studios / Dresden, Lukas Lenkeit / Drucker Grafikwerkstatt / Dresden, Udo Haufe / Drucker Grafikwerkstatt / Dresden, Torsten Leupold / Drucker Grafikwerkstatt / Dresden, Peter Stephan / Drucker Grafikwerkstatt / Dresden

ERÖFFNUNG/Opening: Donnerstag 05.09.2019 / 19 Uhr – Thursday 5th september 7pm

FINISSAGE: Samstag 07.09.2019 / 20 Uhr – Saturday 7th september 8pm