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09.06.-16.06.2023 An Itch on my Neck – Nathanael Plantier & Zarina Stahnke

A visual essay on intrusion, finding its strength through the viewer’s eye. A multitude of states stiffened by an itch that burns, that floats behind my hair, above my shoulders and all around my chest. Your eyes go straight to my neck, attack it and distort its flesh for your own sake.

OPENING 9.6.2023 / Opening hours: Sunday 11.06.2023 16-20:00 / Wednesday 14.06.2023 from 19:00

Nathanaël Plantier

Nathanaël Plantier (2002) Born in Paris, but currently based in Dresden, Nathanaël Plantier has developed an ensemble of works directly inspired from his experiences as a dancer. His pieces feature intimate depictions of tableaux focusing on the inner sensitivity of its subjects, with a constant search for movement. Originally working with pencils and gouache, he quickly switched to oil work where texture, density and colors clash on the canvases. @etudesolaire

Zarina Stahnke

Zarina Stahnke grew up in Northern Virginia, USA, and began studying dance at Arlington Center for Dance, now BalletNova Center for Dance. She then attended the School of American Ballet for four years while also studying painting, sculpture and drawing at the Student’s Art League of New York. In 2011 she joined the Semperoper Ballett in Dresden, Germany where she is currently a second soloist.

“”””””Intrude! Look for it! You will find me, so small and so light! Yell my name with your eye, put this noise in my ear, and let me die slowly! Intrude! Intrude!””””””