Ausstellung EurOPER

€urOPER 1. Act EMPTYING Part 2 UNCERTAINTY – The Dream / €urOPER 1.Akt Entleerung – Der Traum

Let’s create shiny couples! Twins of a one, that divides into disliking each others parts. „That’s fun, so they needing each others just to be, even tho they absolutely don’t like the other part that makes themselfs, so they could think they create themselves while creating their opposites in the same way, hahahaha“

The hand that is grabbing after one thing, gets the absolute opposite. „Wow, thats a lot of meaning and a great confusing, the more you do the less you can do with it! Its secure that you will reach nothing, or better all that you want and don’t want in the same time!“ What we gonna do about it? Ignorance! Oblivion! Envy! Needs! Brilliant, so the game can begin!

TEXT: Lucie Freynhagen VIDEO EDITING: Lucie Freynhagen SOUND EDITING: Lucie Freynhagen / SOUND: Paul Philipp Heinze

PERFORMER: Iris Dankemeyer, Salvador Marino, Josefina Maro, Caroline Beach, Karin Dorschner, Casey Ouzounis,Charles A. Washington,Stefan Brock,Magdalena Weniger, Lucie Freynhagen, Carbon Hoshor, Marcyanne Hannemann, Ernst Markus Stein, Paul Philipp Heinze, Roswitha Maul, Elizabeth Davis

KOSTÜME: Kaur R. Hensel – “Die Suche nach dem Ots” Masterkollektion / Enrico Sutter – ACTION MATERIAL / Lars Frohberg, Lucie Freynhagen, Moritz Liebig – MuthiModus KOSTÜM

EMPTY ME Unidress:  Marian Luft, Don Elektro, Salvador Marino, Lars Frohberg, Lucie Freynhagen, Tine Günther, Paul Philipp Heinze, Grit Aulitzky, Caroline Beach, Korto Bojovic Amar, Josefina Maro, Paul Waak

BÜHNENBILD: Moritz Liebig, Daniel Schramm, Grit Aulitzky, Anton Schön, Paul Philipp Heinze, Lucie Freynhagen

VIDEO DOCUMENTATION: Jakub Hájek, František Hanousek 

LIVE PERFORMANCE: 23.08.2019 C. Rockefeller Center for the contemporary Arts, Dresden, Germany